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Dividend Rates

Share Savings Account Rates

Rates as of: July 29, 2016
TermDividend RateAPY*Minimum Balance


Share Certificates and IRA Account Rates

Rates as of:July 29, 2016
TermDividend RateAPY*Minimum BalanceChange
3 month.15%.15%$2000weekly
6 month.30%.30%$2000weekly
12 month.40%.40%$2000weekly
18 month.60%.60%$2000weekly
24 month.90%.90%$2000weekly
36 month1.24%1.25%$2000weekly
48 month1.49%1.50%$2000weekly
60 month1.98%2.00%$2000weekly
6 month.40%.40%$10,000weekly
12 month.50%.50%$10,000weekly

*Annual Percentage Yield

Share Certificates are available in a variety of denominations and maturities. Minimum deposits start at $2000 and maturities range from 3 to 60 months – At very competitive rates! IRA accounts are also available with either a defined term or a savings rate.

Money Market Rates

Rates as of: July 29, 2016
TypeTermDividend RateAPY*
Money Market
Rates are set monthly and are subject to change.
Rates are set monthly Tiered rate system
$0-$999.990.00% 0.00%
$25K-$49,999.99.15% .15%
$50K-$99,999.99.20% .20%
$100K-$499,999.99.30% .30%
$500K+.50% .50%

*Annual Percentage Yield